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Ability in Diversity

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

World now is full of competition. Once you lose one step, you will suffer from spaces towards the future. There have been plenty of procedures being taken in order to minimize the gap between the fact and the hope. One most considerable is education.

Through education, every individual is required to compete in grading ladder, which is moving up to the top, which is also a bias vernacular or even incomprehensible metaphor. What is happening now is the stressing system of education that minds the uniform of effort in order to achieve various goals, high rank in locale.

The reality is that each participant in a class embeds their own preference to academic or skill. Teachers, we, or any other parties that are involved in activeness to build their future should realize that colorful reality cannot be made a single color. If it makes possible, it is hardly impossible. Let us look at natural being that possess diversity, shall we?

Imagine, a fish is forced to fly in the sky, while, on the other hand, those birds are forced to dive in the depth of the ocean. Imagine, a cattle are forced to sprint like a cheetah does. What result will we have from this circumstance?  Nothing satisfying. Worthless a try because a subject is meant to be what it is.

Should we do the same to our younger generation, the result would likely be similar. We cannot push a cheetah to fly in the sky and to dive in the depth of ocean. We cannot ask gently a fish to fly and to sprint like a cheetah does. Each subject has its own intelligence, as we do. No longer can we measure one’s intelligence by a rank or a score on white.

Do not judge people based on numbers they have achieved because each of them was born to specialize. One could be in the bottom of the list but somehow could be the top in the list.


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